Soul Work

Nurture Your Spirit

Soul Work

Facing serious illness is a highly transformative experience.

As humans, we are complex creatures. As you may know or believe, your soul is something intangible. While we can’t hold it in a physical sense, it is what makes you yourself, your very essence. I am here to support you or your loved one to address common emotional and spiritual concerns at the end of life that may arise such as:

  • Fear/anxiety of death
  • Facing mortality while reckoning with spiritual concerns
  • Understanding death and death pre-planning 
  • Wanting a safe presence without trying to “fix” anything
  • Anticipatory Grief
*Visits for Bodywork or Soulwork may include additional travel fees if outside of the service area.

Exploring your Relationship with Mortality

$65/hr Virtual Support

Exploring your relationship to your mortality can be a challenging as well as a rewarding experience. I am available to walk with you as we lean into your fears of death and work with them in a supportive and compassionate way. I am available to walk alongside you and to hold space for your anxieties and  fears as a friend and a guide.

Comfort Care Planning

$99 (2 hrs)

The New Dawn Comfort Care Plan is the heart and soul of New Dawn Comfort Care. This comprehensive Comfort Care Plan, will ensure that the individual facing a terminal illness or end of life journey will receive the type of care and support they want. This holistic plan is created taking into account the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and practical considerations of facing serious illness. Together with the support of Angela, to help support the individual facing terminal illness to be able to live out the rest of their days as fully and as comfortably as possible.

Comfort Care Planning consists of:

  • Holistic plan consisting of practical, physical, mental, emotional, spiritual needs of client/family. 
  • Review/sign Family Agreement and Disclaimer/Scope of Practice
  • Facilitate end of life conversations and planning with caregivers involved
  • Discuss end of life resource and support needs
  • Identifying supports available 
  • Planning for death
  • After deathcare
  • Caregiver self-care plan
  • Grief planning
Building a trusting relationship sometimes takes a couple of calls or encounters. I understand that navigating the end of life landscape can be overwhelming and exhausting. For that reason, I will help you and your loved one create a clear yet fluid blueprint or plan of care for your loved one.

Together we will set goals for yours and your loved ones care and comfort. And we will evaluate and reassess them as needed.

The plan of care created with your doula is based on a holistic approach including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your journey.

End of Life Doula Services
$90/hr + travel (2 hr minimum sliding scale by request)


  • Hourly visits within 25-30 miles of Indianapolis, IN
  • Virtual doula support within US and Canada
  • Human companionship
  • Caregiver respite 
  • Client/family advocacy 
  • Gentle touch/aromatherapy/guided imagery
  • Legacy project creation
  • Documentation organization
  • Sacred space setting
  • Bodycare guidance 
  • Early grief support
  • Appropriate referrals for additional supports as needed

Vigil Care/Transition Phase Doula Companion Services

$90/hr + travel (2-hour minimum) sliding scale by request


  • Hourly visits within 25-30 miles of Indianapolis, IN
  • Bedside comfort care as needed
  • Bedside companionship
  • Sacred space setting 
  • Gentle touch/aromatherapy  
  • Advocacy and end of life care education as needed 
  • Support communicating to providers such as hospice and home care
  • Body care guidance as needed 
  • After deathcare guidance (non-licensed) 
  • Early grief support

Grief Companion

$90/hr + (travel in-person) or virtual 

As your Companion in Grief, I will walk alongside you as you navigate the vast terrain of the mourner’s path. This path is one we all must walk at some point in our lives, however, it is my belief that it does not have to be walked alone.

Navigating grief is a skill and the only way out is through.

And this path is one that many people have not learned to develop a relationship with until faced with loss, as it is happening and unfolding in real time.

As your Grief Companion, I offer a different form of support than that of traditional Grief Counselors or Therapists. My philosophy of grief is not based in a pathological model (i.e mental health) but rather, that grief is a normal and natural human experience that must be witnessed and expressed.

It is my intention to support your personal grief journey through storytelling, somatic expression, ritual and meaning making.

Sessions are available virtually or in-person depending on location.