Body Work

Nurture Your Vessel

As a Certified Massage Therapist, my specialized training in Massage and Bodywork are untraditional in nature in that they focus on the unique needs of individuals facing chronic and terminal conditions and well as their loved ones and caregivers. Aromatherapy and essential oil use may be added to any session by request.


Geriatric Massage Therapy 30 mins $65, 60 minutes $90

Designed to support older adults and those with unique needs to receive safe and gentle massage to help alleviate physical symptoms such as pain and loss of function as well as other symptoms to enhance quality of life. Massage may be provided in a senior living community or home setting.

Palliative/Hospice Massage 30 mins $65 

Designed to support an individual through the end of life process. Intended to provide caring, present gentle touch and eases the many dimensions of pain and anxiety for the person during their. Massage may be provided in a senior living community or home setting.

Grief Massage  60 mins $90, 90 mins $120

Massage sessions facilitated to support clients experiencing grief from loss. Intended to help the client relieve pain, improve sleep and reduce stress and anxiety related to a loss. Massage may be provided in a home setting. In home Grief Massage sessions are made by referral only. 

Chair Massage for Clinical Staff $75/hour 

As a thank you to my community, I am available to offer affordable and relaxing chair massage for clinicians, support staff, and other caregivers serving in senior care, hospital or long-term care environments. 

Palliative Bodywork Training- TBD 

If you are a caregiver or a practicing massage therapist interested in discovering the art of using touch to help sooth the body, mind and spirit of those faced with serious illness, consider training with me. Training can be offered on a one-on- one basis or classroom setting. Training includes educational materials, lectures and hands-on training. 

Building a trusting relationship sometimes takes a couple of calls or encounters. I understand that navigating the end of life landscape can be overwhelming and exhausting. For that reason, I will help you and your loved one create a clear yet fluid blueprint or plan of care for your loved one.

Together we will set goals for yours and your loved ones care and comfort. And we will evaluate and reassess them as needed.

The plan of care created with your doula is based on a holistic approach including the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your journey.