Nurture Your Vessel

Angela Dawn Geers, LMT is a licensed massage therapist dually licensed in the state of Ohio and Indiana. 
Ohio License # 33.026855 Indiana License #MT21706369

Full draping is required for every client, without exception. All services provided are professional, legitimate, ethical, strictly non-sexual & completely respectful in nature.

Massage Therapy Services

Restorative Massage  60 mins $95 / 90 mins $130

This massage therapy session is also known as a “Swedish Massage”.

Restorative Massage sessions are facilitated to support clients seeking a relaxation massage with light to moderate pressure. This massage session is ideal for providing deep relaxation, reducing stress, improving sleep, and reducing pain and tension. 

Restorative Massage may be offered clothed. 

Grief Massage  60 mins $95 / 90 mins $130 

Grief Massage sessions are facilitated to support clients experiencing grief of any nature. Grief Massage is body-based and focuses on the impacts that grief has on our bodies.

Some common physical presentations of grief be headaches, fatigue, neck and shoulder pain, jaw pain. 

Grief Massage is offered in four optional formats

1. 60  minute session- 20 minutes of therapeutic massage to target areas of concern with 40 minutes of relaxation massage

2. 60  minute session- 60 full minutes of relaxation massage 

3. 90 minute session- 30 minutes of therapeutic massage to target areas of concern with 60 minutes of relaxation massage

4. 90 minute session – 90 full minutes of relaxation massage 

Grief Massage may be offered clothed. 

The Grief Massage session is scheduled with extra time to allow you to come as you are, feel witnessed, and receive my deepest presence. You will also have time to take a walk around the grounds after your session if you choose, to help you ground before returning to the world. 



Palliative/Hospice Massage Therapy Services

 Palliative/Hospice Massage $90-110 (time varies)

Palliative Bodywork is designed to support an individual through the end of life process by providing caring, present, gentle touch that brings comfort and eases pain and anxiety. Massage sessions are provided to home-bound clients receiving care at home. Massage may be provided in a senior living community, hospital or home setting. Patients typically receive sessions wherever they typically “rest” such as in hospital beds, wheelchairs and recliners. The length of sessions vary depending on the clients energy level, comfort level and cognitive awareness. (massage table is not provided.) Travel area within 15 miles of area code 44146.

Chair Massage Events $100/hour 

As a thank you to my community, I am available to offer affordable and relaxing chair massage for clinicians, support staff, and other caregivers serving in senior care, hospital or long-term care environments. Travel area within 15 miles of area code 44146.


NCBTMB 16 CE Palliative Bodywork Training Program

Palliative Bodywork Training- 16 CE NCBTMB approved

Palliative Bodywork training is an in-person 2- day comprehensive training for Massage Therapists who want to learn how to provide gentle touch massage for the client facing a serious life-limiting illness, including those facing the end of life. The benefits of this gentle technique are endless, for both the giver and the receiver.

The goal of Palliative Bodywork is not to “fix”, “change” or “heal” the client but instead, helps promote comfort, relaxation and relief of common end of life symptoms including pain, anxiety, spiritual distress, and isolation. Palliative Bodywork also aids family caregivers by allowing them to witness the relief their loved one is receiving. Skilled Palliative Bodywork Practitioners also help provide touch education to family caregivers. Oftentimes family members are fearful of touching a dying loved one in fear of hurting them. However, when practiced safely, touch is a powerful healing tool.

Learning the skill Palliative Bodywork is vital for Massage Therapists who have a desire to work with medically fragile groups, including seniors, people with disabilities, chronic illness and palliative and hospice patients. Palliative Bodywork is typically provided in the home setting, assisted living settings, nursing homes, in-patient hospice facilities and hospital settings. Skilled Palliative Bodywork practitioners can become valuable to the care team for palliative/hospice care groups and other clinical settings.