New Dawn Comfort Care offers a different kind of healing


Dying Well Is A Skill That Few Of Us Have Been Taught

We often have more questions than answers about it.

In my experience, our society doesn’t have many safe, accessible spaces where people can go to seek transformational healing and find respite in the community.

New Dawn Comfort Care was created to serve as a salve to one of the most troubling yet transformational experiences that we face as humans. Facing our mortality or that of someone we care about. 

My goal is to support individuals and communities through navigating the emotional, spiritual and practical aspects of the end of life journey while supporting your holistic human needs.

If you are navigating exploring your own mortality, illness, loss, death and grief, you are welcome here. 

Maybe you have asked yourself these questions…

How do I explore my mortality in a safe and supportive way?

How do I find end of life support?

How do I find out about our options?

How am I going to get through this?

I believe in equitable and accessible death and grief care for all.

Maybe there are practical matters you need help with navigating and organizing such as…

Exploring your personal values and what matters most to you

Advance care planning guidance

Advocacy as you navigate palliative and hospice care systems

Holistic death care planning

Community led ritual and ceremony guidance

Getting support for your loved ones

Take heart, you’ve come to the right place.

New Dawn Comfort Care works with individuals, families and communities to prepare for end-of-life in a way that feels empowering and healing.

I offer personalized guidance, comfort care and thoughtful inspiration as we create your comfort care plan and live out your days with love and dignity. I am here to serve as your guide as we navigate a healing path through this transformative experience. 

Our vision is a community where everyone has the knowledge, skills and confidence to care for themselves or someone they love at the end of life.

Meet Angela


My name is Angela, I am here to serve you and your beloveds throughout your journey. I am a holistic death and grief practitioner. Death midwifery is a holistic way of tending to everything that death touches.