How I Can Work With You

After our initial meeting we will create a tentative schedule of hourly visits. These visits can be cancelled or changed at any time without penalty. I may also be available for distance support only. I fully understand that situations will arise that will shift how much support is needed or desired. I fully respect and honor your right to autonomy and choice for how you want and need to be cared for. 

We will also periodically make updates to the working plan of care as needs come up to be addressed. This is very similar to how hospice care works. When hospice is involved, the multidisciplinary team meets on a weekly basis to review the plan of care and make any needed changes. It is important to regularly review the goals of care to ensure the clients needs and goals are being met. It is normal for some changes to be made after the initial plan of care to ensure needs are being met throughout the clients end of life process.  

A start date and an estimated end date of service will be discussed during the initial visit and updated as we work together.  

The client/family will be provided a copy of the working plan of care document(s).  

Any information related to the clients health, finances, personal matters, and any and all other personal information provided is kept in strict confidentiality and will never be shared, distributed and used without full granted permission from the client or client’s POA. 

Q: How does Comfort Care Planning work?

A: First step- Explore– Our first step is to Explore. This is a free 30 minute consultation. During our time together,  I will ask some questions to learn about you/or your loved ones needs, challenges and obstacles. I will educate you on the services offered by New Dawn Comfort Care. I will provide basic information for resources that are needed acutely to keep you/your loved one safe. 

If you decide to continue working with me, I offer 2 follow-up sessions that allow us to put a comprehensive plan into place so the process is not too overwhelming. From there we can schedule visits as often as are needed. 

Second step- Plan TogetherIn person or virtually, together we will create your personal Comfort Care Plan that meets the needs of the seriously ill person. This holistic plan is based in understanding the individuals physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and practical needs. This step is best made while the ill person is still able to speak for themselves, however it can be made during any point of the end of life process. From there, we may set a tentative visitation or check-in schedule. 

Each planning session takes about 2 hours. However, you are in the lead in this process. 

Third step-Ongoing Support – After our Comfort Care Planning session, and after we have set a regular schedule, I offer a third session to explore ways you can receive additional support you need as a caregiver along with additional resources and educational offerings provided by New Dawn Comfort Care. This session we may explore legacy projects, planning for time of death, and grief support. These follow up sessions can be scheduled for as long as is needed. 

Q: Can End of Life Doulas work with Hospice?

A: YES! End of Life Doulas are a part of the multidisciplinary team of hospice nurses, social workers, chaplains and CNA’s.

End of Life Doulas do not replace hospice care. Hospice is the medical manager of your loved ones’ care. Doulas cannot dose or administer medication prescribed by hospice. Because hospice is not present 24/7, doulas become an additional eyes and ears for the patient and family that can help bridge gaps in hospice care by:

  • Advocating for additional family education regarding medications
  • Help advocate for adequate pain relief and comfort measures
  • Ensuring you and your loved ones have needed medical equipment/supplies
  • Bridge communication gaps between hospice, patient and family
  • Locate additional resources offered by hospice such as music therapy, chaplain/spiritual care and bereavement

The amount of support I can provide is entirely up to you.

There are no contracts, no commitments and no obligations to work with me.

I want you to feel that you are getting exactly what you need from my role as your end of life doula/guide.